Most common reasons that cause female hairfalls!

Are hairfalls a recurring nightmare for you???The one thing that every female would cherish the most about herself is her hair and the amount of time, effort and money they put into taking care of it is also equally important to them.

  • Whenever a new hair product launches in the industry, most of them queue up to the buy those, to help their hair grow and rejuvenate as the most common issue seen in females these days is hair loss.

Now let us explore a few reasons that might cause hairloss!

  • Hair loss in females is seen due to a lot of causes including hormonal issues and imbalance, stress and strain, usage of wrong hair products, excess use of chemicals on their scalp and the list goes on.
  • Even though losing up to 80 strands of hair per day is considered normal, when it exceeds the limit, it has to be taken proper care of. Hairloss in females can be of two types. First one is genetic, which means that the person may tend to have been genetically exposed to hair thinning of balding.
  • The other type is reactive, which means that the hairfall could be a reaction to any of the above-mentioned issues happening internally of externally the body. The body needs an adequate supply of iron to keep the hair healthy, without which the hair may suffer.
  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding too can add to the problem of excessive hairloss. Hairloss becomes a bigger problem in females when the hair doesn’t grow back, which may lead to excessive thinning of hair and balding.
  • Think and long locks of hair is a dream of any woman and this also adds to the appealing look of the individual. Hairfall issues also have lot to do with the confidence level of a man or a woman.
  • Receding hairline or balding or thinning hair can also is a very common problem seen in people these days who are comparatively young. This can also be cause due to improper diet and lack of proper nutrition and lack of proper sleep.Need to know more about the causes and treatments?? Visit Dr Iva Pathak Hair Transplant in Lucknow!
  • Even though a person does everything that if for hair grown and hair rejuvenation including regular trimming of hair, hair spa, using the right shampoo and conditioner and hair oiling, healthy hair growth can never be guaranteed.
  • Genetical or biological support is crucial to have healthy long hair as well. Age is also a factor that triggers hairloss and reduces hairgrowth
  • Genetical or biological support is crucial to have healthy long hair as well. Age is also a factor that triggers hairloss and reduces hairgrowth
  • Are you scared to go treatments cause those involve a lot of pain?? You should definitely pay a visit to Dr Iva Pathak for painless hair transplant!

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