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There is no better place than Lucknow for good quality and inexpensive hair transplant. Not only the big city is well known for its quality service, but for its prominent respected land as well. Get best FUE or FUT hair transplant Lucknow. They great way to find an affordable and reliable hair transplant surgeon in Lucknow is to plan and find someone who match your requirements. The region offers some skilled surgeons.

One of the important question that comes into your mind when we think about hair transplant service is about its price.

Hair Transplant cost in Lucknow

The cost of Hair Transplant in Lucknow varies from patient to patient depending on various factors such as the number of grafts to be used; the degree of baldness, the areas to be transplanted, the amount of available donor area, the location of clinics, experience of doctors etc. With some providers offering Hair Transplantations for as low as RS 40,000, cost wise it can also be one of the most affordable places to get Hair Transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Lucknow

Hair Transplant is a surgery which removes hair follicles from the body of a donor to a bald part of the recipient patient. This method is typically used to treat a male pattern baldness. The hairs are genetically resistant to balding those are used to graft on the bald scalp. FUT Hair transplant can be also used to restore beard hairs, eyebrows, eyes lashes, pubic hair, chest hair or any scars caused by accidents. Skin grafting differs from hair transplant surgery. It consists of epidermis and dermis covered by a hair follicle.

Method of Hair Transplant in Lucknow

There are two most popular types of hair transplant methods: FUE and FUT hair transplant Lucknow. Both of these techniques involve follicles transplants those are extracted from a donor area and are transplanted on the bald area of the recipient. However, the method in which the follicles are extracted are transplanted are varied in each case. In case of FUE method, the hair follicle is extracted from the donor site and transplanted one by one on the recipient head which is different from the FUT method.

In FUE, individual follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted to the recipient area one by one; whereas in FUT, also known as strip method, a strip of hair follicles is taken out from the donor area and transplanted on the area with baldness. Strip method is regarded as the golden standard in hair transplant because it has higher success rate; however, this procedure results in a linear scar on the donor area.

Either procedure ( strip harvesting or follicular unit grafting) is carried out under local anesthetic, and for male pattern baldness, an average of 2500 hair follicles are re-established in the recipient area per session. Depending on which procedure you opt for, the healing time varies between 1-2 weeks.

There are two chief methods of hair transplant- graft transplanting and grafts harvesting in Lucknow. Both of these types of procedures are operated under local anaesthesia. Prior to the surgery for several days the patient refrains from any use of medicine to avoid bleeding during surgery. this can also result in poor ‘take’ of the graft. The patient is also advised to avoid intake of alcohol and avid smoking. To prevent graft infections and would, post-operation antibiotics are prescribed by the physician.

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