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Hair loss or Alopecia is one of the most commonly occurring condition in both men and women. However, it is more common in men as compared to women. Almost all people are affected by it at one point of time in their lives. If you want effective hair loss treatment in Lucknow, you must first understand its meaning and the root causes behind it. You cannot win against hair fall without eliminating the reasons behind it. So, lets understand hair loss and be ready for some myth busters.

Why does hair fall occur?

Hair fall can occur due to a number of reasons. And it is very difficult to diagnose the exact reason behind hair fall. But, it in order to get successful hair loss treatment in Lucknow, it is very important to know the reasons causing hair fall. We have shortlisted the most common reasons behind hair loss for your help. There are two main reasons behind hair loss. It can occur either due to breakage of hair shaft or due to decrease in the growth of hair. Given ahead are the most common reasons causing hair loss.

Hair loss is not an internal disease, and in most cases, it is not caused due to poor diet. So, what can be the reason behind it. Hair loss may occur due to certain predetermined genes or due to ageing. Specially in men, baldness is most commonly caused due to certain inherited genes. Between the ages of 30 to 40, mostly all men and women go through physiological hair thinning. People suffering from any disease or illness may also suffer from hair fall due to weakness and as a reaction to heavy medication. People suffering from hair fall due genetic disorder should also not be disappointed. There are many options of hair fall treatment in Lucknow.

Hair fall might also occur due some deficiency or an imbalance in hormones such as anaemia, protein or vitamin deficiency, or thyroid, puberty menopause etc. Correct medication can help in your hair fall treatment in Lucknow.

Another reason for hair loss can be due to autoimmunity. It may destruct the growth of hair follicles in a patch of area. The best hair fall treatment in Lucknow for this type of hair fall would be hair weaving or hair transplant.

How to treat hair fall?

Hair fall can only be treated only by treating the root cause behind it. There are many products that claim to stop hair fall but, there are no proven results that hair fall can be stopped completely. It can be reduced to a certain extent but not cured. So, how can you treat hair fall. The first and foremost step is to consult a dermatologist. The doctor will ask your history and ask you to get some blood tests done to determine the exact reason for all. Only after proper check-up and test results the doctor will be able to suggest you medicines or hair fall treatment in Lucknow. Hair fall can also be treated with the help of certain cortical treatments such as hair transplant surgery, hair weaving etc.

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